Blood will not tell : Menstrual design

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Blood will not tell : Menstrual design

Domingo 4 (Março - 2018) H17:00

Today more and more companies and entrepreneurs are designing menstrual products in the Global North, with the mission-like promises of bringing ‘civilisation’ and ‘emancipation’ to menstruating girls in the Global South (especially in African countries). While these menstrual designs seem new and sleek, such ‘humanitarian’ projects are not, but have been used by Western feminists since the late colonial period with the discourse of ‘saving other women (in the Global South/Third World)’. Through various examples and critical analyses of this condition, in this presentation-talk, we will see the relationship between the growing business of menstrual products (i.e. sanitary pads, tampons, menstrual cups, hygienic panties), ‘humanitarian’ design, coloniality and imperial feminism. Speculating about how these projects jeopardise a greater intersectional and decolonial feminist struggle, we will open the discussion up for other interconnected issues such as neoliberal capitalism, imperialism, design, coloniality, intersectionality and profitable body politics.

Em Inglês, com tradução, se necessário.


Domingo 4 (Março - 2018)
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Ece Canli


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